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FaceTime is an initiative providing expertise and guidance to marketers and businesses that explains why and how face-to-face marketing works.

Facetime not only explains why and how face-to-face marketing works, it also shows you how to get the very best out of it. As a leading exhibitor training toolkit, it enhances the performance of exhibitors and boosts the ROI of businesses using exhibitions as a marketing and sales platform. 

FaceTime is a complete toolkit for exhibitors to enable them to appreciate the medium of face-to-face marketing. FaceTime guides you how to get the very best out of FTF marketing and includes guides, training, webinars, masterclasses plus expert help for any businesses seeking exhibiting excellence. 


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  • “The impact of the AEV on the venue sector is difficult to overestimate, "
    Jonathan Smith - Head of Operational Development and H&S, Farnborough International
  • "“Great catering ... is essential for a successful venue. The AEV provides a platform to establish consistent best practice in this field"
    Phil Wetz - Retail & Catering Manager, ExCeL London
  • “AEV membership isn’t simply about how much it benefits our organisation, but about how we can all benefit the industry as a whole.”
    Emma Chilton – Event Manager, ACC Liverpool
  • “The AEV is essential to the venue sector’s ability to cooperate and collaborate."
    Jazmin Beale, Head of Marketing & Communications, Olympia London (Chair)
  • "AEV is a powerful voice behind the venues that hold incredible events that enable the meetings of millions of people - an integral part of the experience economy."
    Julia Galbraith, Marketing Manager - Exhibitions, Excel