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A common misconception amongst venues is that your only competition is other venues.


The ultimate competition, is other media. TV, digital, radio and print are all competing hard for the same marketing budgets of large and small companies up and down the country.

As the live events industry, it is imperative that we come together to promote the oldest and most powerful form of marketing: face-to-face.

In doing so, your job, your events and your company will all benefit in the long term from a consistent and robust voice that represents all of us!

There are many ways in which you can support the FaceTime project but we've outlined the basic stages below:


First stage - the really easy stuff


Second stage - spread the word and help


Magazine stage - help us change your potential exhibitor lists to new exhibitor lists


If you can action as many as you can you will be going some way to promote the industry and ultimately making your job a lot easier.

The FaceTime project is really starting to move and we're already talking to other venues who are developing joint research projects and co-branded sales materials. If you want to talk to someone about getting your show more involved just contact Jenni at

Over to you...

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