February Health & Safety Update


February Health & Safety Update

21 Feb 2018

Temporary and Demountable Structures Guide Fourth Edition

The Institute of Structural Engineers has produced the fourth edition of the Temporary and Demountable Structure Guide (TDS Guide). 

The technical guidance is much the same, although they have relaxed the independent site checking requirements for fabric structures, no doubt following pressure from MUTA (trade association for marquees and tents).  The non-technical sections have been updated and not surprisingly the CDM regulations are dealt with for the first time.

The TDS Guide should be in the library of every operations team that deals with complex and demountable structures.  It can be purchased from the Institute of Structural Engineers.


HSE Issues New Guidance on Fairground Rides

The HSE has published an updated version of HSG175 Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks:  Guidance on Safe Practice which is downloadable from the HSE website

This publication provides guidance for all those involved in the organisation, operation and management of fairgrounds and theme parks.  It is primarily for ride controllers and operators, fair organisers, designers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers of fairground rides and ride inspection bodies.  It will also be useful to event organisers and employees, the self-employed and contractors working in the fairground and amusement park sector.

This third edition gives a clearer explanation of what action to take and why.  It has been co-written with the Fairgrounds Joint Advisory Committee to set out measures for those involved in the industry should take to reduce risks, work safely and comply with the law.


Fire Legislation Review

Ahead of the Grenfell review there is already a review in motion of fire legislation.   It is more complex because it does not sit in the normal HSE/HASAWA construct but is an amalgam of home office legislation, Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRO), British Standards (BS) and Building Regulations.   Currently it is largely self-regulatory and it is the employer/building management company that is required to do a fire risk assessment.   It is widely expected that the self-regulatory element will be tightened up with possibly a return to buildings, and so venues, to have fire certificates from the fire authorities.  It is almost certain that Building Regulations will be reviewed.  Currently they do not apply to temporary structures (up for less than 28 days) but it is quite possible that they could be extended to include them.   This would have significant implications for fire safety controls and structural controls on all temporary structures such as tents, stages, free standing lighting rigs and exhibition stands.   It is certain that in this case there would be much tighter control of the growing use of chip board and MDF in temporary structures which will have to be zero rated even if it exceeds 18mm in width.   The fire standard BS9999 is likely to be reviewed perhaps with higher levels of proactive fire safety management such as fire officers/wardens required.


Fatal Fall Costs Retailer Iceland £2.5 million

Iceland has been fined £2.5 million after a maintenance worker died from injuries sustained in a 3m fall from height.  The key issue was a lack of edge protection.  The company’s claim that it was the responsibility of the contractor to control the hazard was rejected by the court.

There were a number of mitigating factors which reduced the size of the fine and Iceland were only rated as having a ‘Medium’ level of culpability.  This case illustrates the exposure in the events industry to these very high fines for work at height accidents.



  • "Great day hosting our first AEV working group event!..WOW did I learn a lot and some great insights into how other venues work and the challenges they are trying to overcome. If you are a venue looking to network with other like minded professionals I would recommend looking at joining the AEV".
    Danielle Worker
    Corporate Events Team Leader, Silverstone Circuits Ltd
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    Phil Wetz
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    Paul Brough
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    Jazmin Beale
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  • AEV Membership is a key part of our business strategy; it has and will continue to be a core elements of our plan to support knowledge sharing in the industry and to develop both our team and the venue.
    Kate Vandenburg
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    Colm Graham
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  • We have benefited hugely from all of the insight, discussion, events and networking, but it has also meant that we have been able to give back to the industry by sharing our unique experiences and professional knowledge and allowing our employees to help lead and shape the Association from the inside.
    Mathew James
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