Report: AEO/AEV/ESSA Technology Working Group Meeting, June 28 2017


Report: AEO/AEV/ESSA Technology Working Group Meeting, June 28 2017

11 Sep 2017

The AEV/AEO/ESSA Technology Working Group gathered at the NEC Birmingham on June 28 2017 for its first meeting of the year with Murray Dickson of NEC in the chair and 15 members in attendance.

Dickson welcomed group members to the meeting and the NEC, and then initiated round table introductions for the benefit of new members. Following the reading of the apologies, the minutes of the last meeting in November 2016 were approved before the group moved on to the main discussion topics of the day.

Members began with a detailed discussion about connectivity, and particularly the most common exhibitor questions about it prior to events. The group debated how these questions might be incorporated into future editions of the eGuide.

Members then considered Wi-Fi visitor tracking, and the possible benefits and issues it could bring and resolved to explore this novel application more fully at the next meeting. Data security consumed the next part of the meeting, with members sharing their experience of simulated data breaches and the new GDPR regulations governing data security and privacy.

The group then moved on to discuss points relating to online ordering platform, digital networking tools and services, and improving network speeds and internet bandwidth. After the regular round-table news session, the group agreed the agenda items for the next meeting, and set the date as Thursday November 9th, at the QEII Centre, London.

With no further business, the chair thanked all the members for their time and closed the meeting.



  • "Great day hosting our first AEV working group event!..WOW did I learn a lot and some great insights into how other venues work and the challenges they are trying to overcome. If you are a venue looking to network with other like minded professionals I would recommend looking at joining the AEV".
    Danielle Worker
    Corporate Events Team Leader, Silverstone Circuits Ltd
  • "“Great essential for a successful venue. The AEV provides a platform to establish consistent best practice in this field"
    Phil Wetz
    Retail & Catering Manager, ExCeL London
  • “The AEV provides collective representation for its member venues, turning individual commitment into a group effort"
    Paul Brough
    Venue Health & Safety Manager, Olympia London
  • "Proud to be part of this Cross Association discussion. I am confident in our ability to improve and progress our working platform through conversation".
    Amir Vered
    Head of eForce and IT, Olympia London (Chair of Cross Association Technology WG)
  • “The AEV is essential to the venue sector’s ability to cooperate and collaborate"
    Jazmin Beale
    Head of Marketing & Communications, Olympia London
  • “The AEV undertakes crucial work on behalf of event venues up and down the country to ensure our voice is heard. They reinforce the important role our sector plays in delivering economic impact, increasing trade, providing jobs and driving the visitor economy.”
    Lucy Merritt
    Head of Marketing and Communications, ExCeL London
  • AEV Membership is a key part of our business strategy; it has and will continue to be a core elements of our plan to support knowledge sharing in the industry and to develop both our team and the venue.
    Kate Vandenburg
    Marketing Director - Business Design Centre
  • Our team at ACC Liverpool feel indebted to the substantial work that the AEV do for our amazing industry. As the pillar association for venues across the country it’s a real privilege for our teams to participate in many of the working groups, learning and contributing to new processes which helps drive our industry forward on a national scale.
    Colm Graham
    Senior Exhibition Account Manager, ACC Liverpool
  • We have benefited hugely from all of the insight, discussion, events and networking, but it has also meant that we have been able to give back to the industry by sharing our unique experiences and professional knowledge and allowing our employees to help lead and shape the Association from the inside.
    Mathew James
    Head of Brand, Telford International Centre
  • “The AEV has been an invaluable asset to us as a company and the wider industry, helping to lobby on the industries behalf, consolidating and distributing information and facilitating vital knowledge sharing.”
    Charlie Hodgson
    Managing Director at The Kia Oval