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29 May 2018


National Exhibition Centre

The first step in the transformation – which began in January 2018 and will last 18 months – will see 185 high-specification LED and Large Format Display (LFD) technology screens installed at key locations throughout the site by AV company Anna Valley. The displays can be used for a variety of purposes including wayfinding, advertising and information to help create an end-to-end experience for visitors.

Kathryn James, Managing Director for NEC Group Conventions and Exhibitions said: “We are committed to continuously improving the customer experience and the digital project has been driven by customer-focussed research. We asked visitors, exhibitors and organisers what would make their NEC experience even better – and the results have helped us shape the whole programme.

“We found that visitors wanted more directional signage and information that related to what else they can do on campus. Thanks to this future-looking project, we can now excite visitors about the event they are attending from the moment they arrive, but also help provide essential information about their visit. This means they can keep their focus on the event they are attending and also enjoy everything the NEC campus has to offer.â€'

The project to date has seen installation of digital displays at key entrance points throughout the venue. These include the bridge link entrance from Birmingham International train station, hall entrances and a revamp of the roundabout at the main Piazza entrance. The latter has been transformed with 170 square meters of Unilumin LED displays to create an impact as visitors arrive.

Future installations include in-hall catering outlets, car park pathways and roads leading into site.

Gareth Lloyd, NEC Group Head of Media Sponsorship and Sales, said: “We are extremely excited about the new digital displays. They offer significant new engagement potential for brands looking to communicate with all campus visitors, plus the state-of-the-art integrated content management system allows information to be tailored to the wide range of audiences attending the large number of events at the NEC Campus.â€'

He added: “The displays will not only enhance our customer experience, but will provide added value to our organisers and exhibitors by becoming a key communication tool between their event and their audiences.â€'



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