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01 Jan 2024

Roundhouse announces new catering supplier cohort with diversity at the heart

Roundhouse announces new catering supplier cohort with diversity at the heart
The Roundhouse set up for an event catered by Bubble Food

An impressive list of new catering vendors has been released by the Roundhouse, Camden’s iconic music and arts venue, following a months-long competitive tender process.

The venue’s events team sought a range of remarkable vendors that represented the diversity of London, and equally, that reflected the organisation’s commitment to sustainability. 

Whilst widely known to host world-famous musicians and events, the Roundhouse is a socially-minded charity that delivers hundreds of life-changing projects and opportunities for young people each year. Every event held at the Roundhouse contributes to this groundbreaking and vital work. 

With the venue’s ethos considered, vendors were required to demonstrate an existing commitment to sustainable practices and the values of driving change, being accountable, and celebrating differences. 

Hand-picked from 47 initial applicants, the final group of 14 vendors includes Kosher craftsmen Osher and Dvash, multicultural street food incubators KERB, Asian caterers Greenleaf, and luxury gastronomers Alison Price and Rocket Food. 

Roundhouse Head of Events Rhiân Pressley said, “We’re thrilled to have diversified our catering offering to better represent the values and interests of the guests entering Roundhouse doors. 

“We feel confident we’re offering the best events catering options in the country, that authentically deliver a range of cuisines, and operate under clear social and environmental values.” 

The suppliers are committed to three-year contracts until 2026, available to cater any Roundhouse event from intimate gatherings, to festivals, to charity galas and award ceremonies.


The new complete list of Roundhouse catering suppliers is as follows:

  • Moving Venue

  • Food By Dish

  • Create

  • Social Pantry

  • Jimmy Garcia

  • Rocket

  • Alison Price

  • Bubble Food

  • Lettice

  • KERB

  • The Clink

  • Osher/Food Initiative

  • Dvash

  • Greenleaf


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