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30 Nov 2016

AEO, AEV and ESSA Launch Stop the Drop Project

AEO, AEV and ESSA Launch Stop the Drop Project

The event industry's leading associations, AEO, AEV and ESSA have come together to launch Stop the Drop, a health and safety scheme that aims to prevent falls when working at height.

Conceived earlier this year by the cross association Health and Safety Working Group, the Stop the Drop project is being launched in order to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the events industry are aware of the dangers of working at height. Throughout the course of the last few months, all parties involved in the design and build process have worked together to identify what the risks are, and come up with a solution that creates awareness to minimise those risks.

Samantha Moss, head of health and safety, UBM, says: “Stop the Drop is about making sure that everyone involved with onsite safety at events is getting consistent information and knows exactly what type of equipment to use on each type of job when working at height.”

The Stop the Drop project includes information and training aids for use by all stakeholders involved in the entire event process, from design to implementation. There is advice about equipment considerations during the design process, posters and logos for use at the venue and, for organisers, during communications with contractors and exhibitors. In addition, there are training guides and equipment risk checkers that can be used during the build-up and break-down periods.

Paul Brough, Group health and safety manager, Olympia London, says: “Stop the Drop is designed to help educate all personnel on the correct safe working practice when working at height. It provides an easy to follow guide for people to use both prior to coming on site and whilst at the venue to protect every individual involved in putting on the event.”

The Stop the Drop information has been designed to be eye catching and easy to communicate whether working in an office environment or on site at a busy, noisy event. The collateral can, for example, be downloaded and emailed to designers, printed off as posters, displayed digitally on plasma screens around the venue or demonstrated on a tablet during face to face on site team briefings for contractors and exhibitors.  

Luke Facey, managing director of Alfa Display, says: “This is a fantastic resource for stand builders and other contractors, making sure that everyone involved in the design and build process has consistent and correct information for safe installation and breakdown.”

Gavin Bull, HM Inspector of Health and Safety says: “Falls from height are one of the most common causes of fatal injury in the UK. HSE supports the work of AEO, AEV and ESSA and the commitment they have made to improving safety for workers in the exhibition industry who frequently work at height. This is an excellent example of how an industry is working together to improve the safety of its workforce and playing its part in helping Great Britain work well.”

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