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18 Apr 2023

AEV announces technology partnership with Momentus Technologies.

AEV announces technology partnership with Momentus Technologies.

The Association of Event Venues (AEV) is pleased to announce its new technology partnership with Momentus Technologies for 2023. Momentus Technologies will have the ability to input into working group meetings, in particular the cross-association Technology working group, AEV Event Managers and Finance groups given subject matter and need. The agreement also includes sponsorship of the annual AEV conference.

Momentus Technologies, formerly Ungerboeck, will provide members with the opportunity to feedback and help evolve their event management products. As Ungerboeck, Momentus Technologies has been a long-standing supporter of the AEV having sponsored the annual conference and icebreaker in recent years.

Steve Mackenzie, chief innovation officer, Momentus Technologies, said, “We are delighted to be working with AEV and excited by the technology partnership this presents for the UK and international event industry. Momentus Technologies’ commitment to listening to our customers and advancing our venue and event management software capabilities align with the AEV’s philosophy of unifying the voice of its members and helping them thrive in the future.”

Rachel Parker, director, AEV, said, “We’re pleased to welcome Momentus Technologies as our new AEV technology partner. Many of our members use their event management products and their expertise and evolving functionality reflects our industry’s ever-changing needs.”



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