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23 Jul 2015

AEV Event Managers Working Group - 2 July 2015

The Event Managers Working Group met on July 2nd at the O2 London for the second meeting of the year. The meeting was well attended with warm welcome for several new members of the group. After the formalities, the group discussed several topics in detail. Discussion focused on the eGuide, currently being revised to its next iteration, CDM regulation enforcement and a round of general venue updates that reflected a period of change and expansion amongst the members' venues.

The meeting considered several issues pertaining to the eGuide, most prominently the health and safety guidelines governing static vehicle displays and the inclusion of guidelines about medical demonstrations and dissections on live tissue. Both matters were passed on to the eGuide sub-committee to provide clarity and consider suitable texts for inclusion in the next iteration.

Members revealed that approaches to CDM compliance varied between venues owing to the differences between them, and the group agreed to keep CDM on the agenda for the next meeting. In the round table news, members reported a very encouraging picture of large capital investment and extension of infrastructure across the country.

Following the meeting, O2 London invited the group on a tour of the Salvation Army 150th Anniversary event and generously offered members the chance to take part in 'Up at the O2', a climbing adventure that takes participants up and over the top of O2 London's iconic dome.



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