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30 Apr 2024

AEV partners with Mash Productions for videography

AEV partners with Mash Productions for videography

The Association of Event Venues (AEV) has revealed a new videography partnership with Mash Productions. Mash Productions will have the opportunity to input into relevant working group meetings in addition to visually capturing the two main AEV annual events: the conference and, this year, the 20th birthday celebrations. This type of partnership is a first for AEV.

Mash Productions specialises in event videography, photography and live-streaming solutions covering, but not limited to, exhibitions, live performances, award ceremonies and conferences.

Fin Sampson, video production manager, Mash Productions commented, "We're thrilled to partner with AEV. Inspired by the insights gained at their 2023 conference, we're fully committed to Mash Productions' role in advancing our industry and showcasing AEV through video in the coming year."

Alden Arnold, head of commercial and projects, AEV, said, “We’re really excited about working with Mash Productions. Not only are they skilled at capturing the moment and producing high-quality video, their sustainable work practices map to our member goals in that area. We look forward to showcasing our membership community through video enabling us to portray another busy year and bringing AEV to a larger audience.”



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