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20 Sep 2021

AEV Security Working Group meets in person during CTX21 and DSEI at ExCeL London

AEV Security Working Group meets in person during CTX21 and DSEI at ExCeL London

AEV Sec WG meeting

The AEV Security working group met last week at ExCeL London, during CTX21 and DSEI.

It was the first physical working group meeting since March 2020 and it made a refreshing change to meet again. Hosted generously by Henry Havis (Chair, Head of Security ExCeL London) and well attended from venues such as The O2, Harrogate Convention Centre, The BDC and Farnborough International to name a few.

We also welcomed a greater contingent from National Counter Terrorism Policing who were able to give the group an update on the current threat level and further detail surrounding the evolution of ACT. Lisa O'Flynn and Roy Buckingham from ABLOY led us through the the new standard BS 13637 covering electronically controlled escape doors, Laura Capell-Abra from Stress Matters gave us a practical reminder of how important it is that we recognise our own and team's stress limitations and a representative from the Counter Terrorism Policing - National Vehicle Threat Mitigation Unit helped us explore methods of planning surrounding hostile vehicle mitigation at events.

Having the ability to meet again in person was welcomed and the frequency of zoom meetings throughout the lockdown period (in particular) gave us all a sense of familiarity and comradery which was evident when observing the interactions between everyone in the room.

The group will continue to meet regularly via zoom to maintain momentum with a view to arrange a physical meeting again in early 2022.  

A hybrid meeting solution will be implemented across our raft of 14 working groups next year.

Thank you to Henry Havis for hosting and chairing, our guest presenters and to those who attended.



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