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07 Mar 2019

AEV's Event Managers Working Group to meet at MMU

AEV's Event Managers Working Group to meet at MMU



Our Event Managers Working Group is to hold its next meeting on Wednesday,  March 13, 2019 at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) in conjunction with second-year students on the MMU Events Management Degree Course.

Michelle Baldwin, senior event manager, NEC and chair of the Event Managers Working Group, explained the purpose behind opening the meeting to MMU undergraduates, saying, "It's crucial for us to understand the motivations and expectations of young event professionals about to take their first steps into the industry. The calibre and focus of the young people I met at the MMU Connect conference last year was remarkable, and it seemed only logical to bring the AEV Event Managers Working Group to MMU and involve the students in the issues that face event managers today."

The Event Managers Working Group meets three times a year, at a member venue in the UK, to discuss common challenges, practices and issues. The group provides members with an essential forum to share best practice and tackle the challenges facing them with practical, proven measures.



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