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14 Jul 2015

Catering Working Group - 4 June 2015

The meeting began with apologies and a welcome for Adrian Flynn, the Working Group's newest member, representing the Royal Dublin Society (RDS), before moving on to a substantive discussion of the previous meetings minutes. The group approved Brian Kirker's alterations to the inspection section of the eGuide, as requested by the eGuide Working Group. The final draft of the eGuide catering section, due to be incorporated into the eGuide this summer, was discussed and the group agreed that it marked a significant improvement.

This was followed by a busy round table discussion and exchange of news from all members, including the pros and cons of in house catering, outdoor food courts and street food outlets, as well as some members' exciting spending plans for 2015-16. Flynn thanked the group for the opportunity to tour English venues, and introduced them to the history and current activities of the RDS, including its ongoing expansion plans.

The next meeting of the AEV Catering Working Group was agreed upon as Thursday November 26, 2015, at Manchester Central. The group discussed agenda items for the next meeting, and agreed to focus on catering and retail metrics, including defining KPI's, measuring spend per head, revenue controls and contract schemes.

The meeting concluded with the Group's thanks to Sarah Jones of FIVE for hosting and catering the event.



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