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04 Aug 2023

eGuide 2023 edition published and new group leadership announced

eGuide 2023 edition published and new group leadership announced

The Association of Event Venues (AEV) has published the 2023 edition of the eGuide. This comprehensive industry guide serves as a crucial resource for compliance and standards in events, encompassing a wide range of topics related to event operation and management. The updated edition features new information and updates across nineteen sections, covering nearly every aspect of the industry from customs and excise, security and lifting operations to accessibility, work equipment and feature areas to name a few.

Siân Richards, the chair of the eGuide working group and head of sustainability at Olympia London said, “I’m pleased to introduce the 2023 edition of the eGuide. Almost half of the sections have been amended this year to ensure it remains current and continues to be an invaluable source of best practice for our customers and partners in the industry while working in any of the UK’s adoptee venues. Thank you to the eGuide working group and subcommittee for their hard work and to the AEV for facilitating this release.”

Rachel Parker, AEV director, eagerly welcomed the publication of the 2023 eGuide. “This is proof of what can be achieved when we work collaboratively. Members from all three associations (AEO, AEV and ESSA) have worked diligently to revise the eGuide ensuring it is up to date with the industry standards and I am proud to be associated with bit.”

In addition to the new release, AEV has announced a change in the eGuide working group leadership. Siân Richards steps down as chair after six years and hands over to Michelle Baldwin, head of events, NEC Group. Baldwin commented “Siân and I have worked together on the eGuide working group for several years.  I’m looking forward to taking on the role curating such an important resource.”

Parker added: “Huge thanks go to Siân for her exceptional contribution to the association, not only as chair over the past six years, but since 2007 when the eGuide committee first started creating the resource. The AEV's eGuide working group also has a subcommittee and Siân has shared her time and knowledge unreservedly.”

The 2023 eGuide is now available from the AEV, offering a version with highlighted changes and the option to download five sections independently for added convenience.



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