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11 Mar 2016

eGuide adopted by The Crystal and Peterborough Arena

eGuide adopted by The Crystal and Peterborough Arena

The Association of Event Venues (AEV) has announced that two member venues, The Crystal, London, and Peterborough Arena have agreed to formally adopt the eGuide, the common regulative policy for major UK event venues published by the AEV. The Crystal and Peterborough Arena bring the total number of UK event venues adopting the eGuide to 18.

The eGuide provides guidance for achieving common standards of health, safety and operational planning, management and on-site conduct with the goal of moving towards a single set of venue rules across the UK, irrespective of size and location.

Chris Dillon, event EHSS manager, The Crystal, explained his venue's decision to adopt the eGuide, saying, "The eGuide is an extremely valuable resource within the industry. It distils best practice and regulatory guidance, from the combined experience of venues and contractors, into one place. The Crystal supports the eGuide's ambition to create consistent, safe and legally compliant working conditions and practices at UK event venues."

Jason Lunn, head of operations, Peterborough Arena, underlined the importance of the eGuide to venues, saying, “Peterborough Arena has adopted the eGuide because it effectively consolidates guidance, regulation and best practice into a single, authoritative document that is universally recognised in the industry.”

Rachel Parker, AEV director, was delighted at the news, commenting “I'm very pleased that both these outstanding venues have chosen to formally adopt the eGuide. Every venue that chooses to use the eGuide is helping to create higher standards and build greater regulatory consistency across the event and exhibition sector."



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