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30 Mar 2020

EIA adds remote working help section to user resources

EIA adds remote working help section to user resources

The Event Industry Alliance (AEV, AEO and ESSA) today released a collection of resources, documents, links, and advice for working remotely, available through the members' sections of the respective association websites. The resources have been collected and evaluated by the associations with a focus on advice for mental health and wellbeing, rather than technological and managerial solutions to social distancing and self-isolation.

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An EIA spokesperson explained the focus on mental health and wellbeing, saying, “Many event industry professionals already use the technologies that make remote working possible but it is the effects of working alone, for prolonged periods at home, whilst socially distancing, that will be the most challenging part.”

They continued, “That's why we've gathered the best resources and information we can find, using information from Mental Health First Aid England, Crisis Teams, the BBC and many others. We're going to keep adding more links, documents and other resources from trustworthy sources to make sure people can stay safe and healthy in every respect.”




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