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11 Jun 2019

Meeting Summary - eGuide Working Group 15.05.19

Meeting Summary - eGuide Working Group 15.05.19
18 individuals from across our venue membership and 1 invited AEO member converged on a sunny Silverstone circuit for the first eGuide meeting of 2019.

Situated inside the circuit and via the famous Brooklands Gates; our hosts welcomed us all to the British Racing Driver's Club House –indeed a unique and prestigious venue.  Once inside, the spectacular views of the Silverstone circuit were enjoyed from the comfort of the three storey building either from an armchair, the roof terrace or garden. Photo opportunities a-plenty.

A meeting did take place!

We welcomed Jamie Anderson (chair of AEV's Catering Working group) who presented their group objectives and facilitated a mini discussion on allergen labelling. Additional appreciation was shown to Jessamy Ganesh from Reed Exhibitions who gave the group insights into the ways that the eGuide is utilised from an Organiser approach and shared suggestion over how it could evolve.

The group further explored a plethora of topics including the use of glass in stand construction, stand plan certification, sustainability and rigging.  Alden Arnold, AEV Project Manager provided those present with a summary of discussions from all the working groups who have met thus far in 2019.

The meeting closed with appreciation to our hosts, chair and guests.

The groups split into two, with one taking lunch and the other jumping on a minibus for an incredible tour of the circuit, the farm, The Wing and control room.

Further appreciation must go to Hannah and Danielle for organising.


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