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22 Oct 2018

A Quartet of Working Groups

A Quartet of Working Groups

With one more AEV working group to come in October (Catering) we have already enjoyed an active month of Working Group meetings.

Event Industry HR Group meeting - 3rd October 2018


HR Group

HR professionals from across the industry congregated at The International Centre, Telford; our accommodating hosts for our final Event Industry HR meeting of 2018.

Newly appointed chair; Cheryl Busby (Clarion Events) led the meeting with the support from her vice, Raj Pragji (QEII Centre).  A solid representation from across the associations were present who actively took part in a think tank exercise where (as in break out groups and then as a collective) they discussed the direction and objectives for 2019.

Beyond a plethora of ideas two actions have been implemented already since the meeting back on 3rd October. The group expressed desire to increase the frequency of meetings to 3 times a year and create a WhatsApp group to encourage informal conversation outside the formality of the working group. A sub group will drive these ideas forward.

Further discussion followed covering subjects such as Salary Surveys, Attraction/Retention, EIB Talent Group and mental health/wellbeing.


H&S Cross Association Working Group meeting - 10th October 2018


An incredible presence from across the AEV/AEO/ESSA membership assembled at The NEC's Piazza Suites on 10th October for the final health & safety cross association working group meeting of 2018.

Olympia, London's Paul Brough led the group through a busy agenda (his final as chair) commencing with a presentation from the Barista's Matthew Carr who led the group through the requirements and legislation surrounding the use of barista machines.

A packed agenda included topics such as the release of an Venue Accident Reporting Portal (VARP), venue site rules library, gender neutral facilities, lithium battery usage and (amongst other discussion topics) complex rigging.

Meeting dates for 2019 were issued; both taking place earlier next year – February and August time.

Emma Dengate, Operations Manager from Reed Exhibitions now takes over from Paul as chair with Paul supporting as vice. Both appointments were universally welcomed by those in attendance. Appreciation to Paul was also shown for his 2 years of dedication as chair.

Cross Association Sustainability and AEV eGuide Working Group Meetings  - 17th October 2018

eguide and sust meeting

Sustainability Cross Association Working Group meeting

The third cross association working group to meet in October took place at a sunny autumnal NAEC Stoneleigh.

Martin Cottrell (A1 Event and Exhibition Cleaners) led his first meeting as chair and introduced the group to Tony McPartland from Cawleys who gave an insightful presentation into the work Cawleys carry out regarding waste management and advised the group on best avenues to sustainability success, some of which were keenly received by the venues present in the room.  

The group agreed to discuss and set objectives at the next meeting to support collaborative working on sustainability issues.

The group adjourned for lunch and a venue tour (provided by NAEC Stoneleigh) and were joined by AEV eGuide Working Group members.

AEV eGuide working group meeting

After a tasty lunch and insightful tour of NAEC Stoneleigh Sian Richards from Olympia London led the second working group meeting of the day.

Venue representatives discussed various subjects brought to the table from across the 9 working groups with the aim of creation, clarification or elaboration for the next edition of the eGuide. This output generates further discussion for the eGuide subcommittee who composes any additions or updates. The aesthetics and navigation improvements of the August 2018 edition of the eGuide were welcomed by the group.

Venue updates and review topics for the subcommittee were shared before the meeting came to a close.



Thank you to all our October hosts (thus far), caterers, our guest presenters, those that lead and those that attend. One more October meeting to go (the aforementioned  AEV's Catering Working Group - 31st October at The International Centre, Telford) 

82 individuals from across the three associations have met this month. If you are interested in joining a working group please contact your Association's contact or Alden ( or Dani ( from AEV.







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