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25 Apr 2019

Report: AEV Catering Working Group 10.04.19.

Report: AEV Catering Working Group 10.04.19.

 “I have been branded with folly and madness for attempting what the world calls impossibilities.." Richard Trevithick - British mechanical engineer and inventor who successfully harnessed high-pressure steam and constructed the world's first steam railway locomotive (1803)


Our Catering working group met at The National Railway Museum in York earlier this month.

Catering experts from across our venue membership made their journeys to this historic city from far and wide - London, Glasgow, Dublin and from venue locations in between. As with the other 9 working groups, it was encouraging to continue seeing the dedication of our members who are able to incorporate their AEV responsibilities into their every day.

Jamie Anderson (SEC) chaired his first meeting as such with great aplomb, supported by his vice, Amy Chong (ExCeL London).

Catering meeting

We welcomed David Slack (Levy Restaurants) as our guest presenter who explained the evolving challenges of museum catering i.e. incorporating the corporate/retail offering, sustainability, and allergen awareness. The group were pleased to experience Levy's offering via a tasty lunch which was provided.

Catering wagon

Round table discussions powered through key topics – revisiting how venues manage ongoing sustainability pressures/waste management, allergen advice/labelling and food safety management.

After lunch Jamie headed discussion surrounding the group's 6 key objectives and strategies for success.

The meeting closed after each attendee added their mobile numbers to a WhatsApp group.

For those that remained a tour of the venue was arranged and it was incredible to walk amongst the legacy locomotives that dwarfed us and admire the splendour of Queen Victoria's carriages. A nostalgic experience for the group; the museum is certainly a celebration of the bygone days of steam.


Thank you to Jamie, Amy and David, for all those that attended and of course our incredible hosts.

If you are an AEV member and would like to join the Catering Working Group please do contact us via

Next meeting is planned for July 5th at Manchester Central – the day after our annual conference.



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