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02 Jun 2017

Report: AEV eGuide Working Group, March 22 2017

Report: AEV eGuide Working Group, March 22 2017
Kim Dance from AEV welcomed several new members and instigated round table introductions for their benefit, before Smith requested that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved.

Following the formalities, the group then embarked on detailed discussions around topics for the next iteration of the eGuide, including sections on rigging, stand plans and medical cover. The group then moved on to the agenda discussion topics, looking at, amongst other things, new protocols for the eGuide, new eGuide adoptees and bridging over gangways.

With the discussion topics dealt with, members then presented their news and updates to the group before agreeing the agenda topics for the next meeting, and agreed the date and venue as October 19, 2017 at the NEC, Birmingham.

Before closing the meeting, the group was invited to submit Any Other Business, and the AEV's Kim Dance added that the AEV conference venue and date have been agreed as June 29, 2017, at The Vox, Birmingham.

Smith then informed the group that he would be standing down as chair of the group before the next meeting, and Dance thanked him for his commitment and contributions over the years. Members were invited to contact Dance before the end of April if they wanted to put themselves forward for the position of chair.

The group then paid tribute to Tony Miller of Alexandra Palace, a long-standing and well-respected member of the group who sadly passed away recently.

Smith then thanked all the members for attending before he formally closed the meeting for the last time.


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