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04 Dec 2015

Report from the AEV HR Working Group annual meeting Nov. 4th 2015

The AEV HR Working Group held its annual meeting on November 4th 2015 at the Business Design Centre, London with Rachel Parker serving as chair for Adam Chircop, head of HR at Excel London, who was unfortunately unable to attend.

The meeting began with thanks from the chair to Sherry Thomas of the Business Design Centre for hosting the meeting. and a welcome to all attendees. Following apologies the group approved the minutes from the last meeting and began discussion on the first agenda item, the AEV 2015 salary survey.

The group welcomed the 30% increase in participation over last year, and discussed how to further  increase participation in the future, recognising that some venues do not take part for a variety of reasons. Some venues may not realise how valuable participation can be to their business, others may believe their business structure or size isn't a good fit for the survey.

The group discussed the results of the survey in detail, including the large variance in some salary bands, opportunities for reviewing salary gradients, the issues surrounding free and discounted staff meals.

After reviewing the results of the survey, the group moved on to discussing the AEO's feedback regarding Explori, the agency contracted to conduct its Salary Survey. It was noted that this was the second year Explori had delivered AEO's survey, and that participation had continued to rise since contracting their services.

The group discussed the possibility of AEV using Explori next year to conduct its own salary survey. It was agreed that it is a complex exercise with many sections and options, and that that members would prefer to complete an online survey for accessibilty and convenience's sake. The group felt that an online survey could help to further increase the number of members choosing to participate. The association was tasked to explore possibilities for a fully online survey with Explori, with a view to seeking approval from the board at the December board meeting, and to keep the group informed of progress.

The next topic for discussion by the group was the imminent introduction of the National Living Wage, which is scheduled to come into effect in April 2016 for the over 25s currently receiving National Minimum Wage. One member estimated that the introduction of the National Living Wage will increase annual costs by £15,000 and the venue will be spreading these costs over time to reduce the impact. The group also noted from informal discussions amongst venues that the membership appears to be planning ahead for these wage increases.

The meeting continued with some suggestions for potential speakers to future meetings, and a call from Rachel Parker for a member of the group to volunteer as the new chair, noting that Adam Chircop has diligently chaired the group since it's inception in 2009 and after six years, is now ready to relinquish it. After a rich and varied general venue update and round table news from the members, the next date for the AEV HR Working Group was set for November 9th 2016 with the venue to be decided.



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