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24 May 2016

Report from The cross association Health and Safety Working Group - 26th April 2016

The cross association Health and Safety working group, comprised of members of the AEV, ESSA and the AEO met for the first time this year at Ricoh Arena on April 26, with over 25 members in attendance and Sarah Cox of Freeman in the chair. Following the apologies, chair's welcome and introduction to new members, the group approved the minutes of the last meeting in November, and moved on to the discussion topics of the day.

Andrew Harrison, ESSA director, began with a review of the third version of the associations resource pack, which is now re-written with help from the sub-committee and features a more simplified look with the website and app updated accordingly. The meeting then moved on to review Construction Design Management and assessed how members are coping with the new regulatory overhead. This subject occupied a great deal of the group's discussion. Ian Solomon of i2i events began by explaining how i2i had been looking at more efficient ways of running inductions , and provided the group with i2i's CDM site induction document for feedback. Solomon explained that i2i had conducted a trial survey of contractors arriving for the build-up at a flagship event, with encouraging results – the majority of contractors had received induction prior to arrival and more than 60% were 'well aware' of CDM.

Emma Dengate reported that Reed Exhibitions had adopted similar practical measures, and had met little resistance to the new form for construction. Alfa Display's Luke Facey reported that as a contractor, Alfa was now bringing a greater range of personal protective equipment (PPE) with its teams, as many sites have differing PPE requirements. Alison Treacher from GES explained that GES was carrying out on-site tool box talks in an effort to help contractors understand the need for correct PPE and wristbands. Louise Kiwanuka added that the HSE was still concerned that safety awareness around forklift truck movement and working at height still had room for improvement, and that the working group needed to look for ways to continuously improve on-site safety through the stand building community. Andrew Harrison and Luke Facey agreed to arrange a meeting with the ESSA Stand Builders' Forum (SBF) to move this forward.

The next agenda item concerned the feedback from the Joint Advisory Committee for Entertainment (JACE), presented to the group by Sarah Cox. Cox reported that Gavin Bull of the HSE had updated the JACE meeting in November last year with the results of CDM inspections to date. There had been 20 inspections, resulting in eight notifications and one prohibition. Cox highlighted the rise in stress related ill health with working hours being a major concern. Following the report from JACE, members discussed a range of safety related issues and incidents including the explosion of a battery at Vape Jam UK, PPE and the “Stop the Drop” campaign to raise awareness of safety especially working at height.

Originating with the AEO Ops group, “Stop the Drop” covers a number of areas, starting with working at height. An online portal will promote and reference a one-page guidance document to safe practice and the safe use of equipment. The group agreed to endorse the next phase of the initiative, namely to promote it within the association membership, before adding further resources like videos. Chris Skeith, AEO CEO, said that the next AEO Ops group meeting in May will most likely sign off phase one and start production of the initial guidance. Skeith agreed to keep the group updated with the AEO Ops group progress.

As the meeting drew to a close, the group suggested several agenda items for the next meeting on Wednesday October 12 2016 at ExCeL London. Andrew Harrison remarked that Sarah Cox has served her 2 year term as chair, and whilst she was happy to remain in the role, she would be equally happy to relinquish the chair. Members interested in standing for chair were asked to contact Kim Miles of AEV before the next meeting.



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