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10 Mar 2022

All Secure guidance updated

All Secure guidance updated

The Events Industry Alliance (EIA) has been calling for the All Secure framework to be included in government plans for moving out of Covid-19 restrictions. Following the prime minister's announcement on February 21st 2022 surrounding the end of the last remaining Covid-19 restrictions. 

Chris Skeith, director of EIA representing AEO, AEV and ESSA exclaims “We welcomed the Living with Covid plan, the further lifting of restrictions, and the prime minister's comments in Parliament on ‘getting our confidence back'. As the business events (trade and consumer show) sector, we have been confidently living with Covid-19 since May last year, using the All Secure Risk Assessed Framework to create safe environments for our customers.

“Before the announcement, we had been pushing for a Plan E for Events, and will continue to do so, asking officials to have All Secure embedded into the ‘maintaining resilience' principle of the new Living with Covid plan. This will help ensure the hard work of the industry and lessons learnt are on hand so the sector can safely and confidently remain open in the event of future waves or variants.”

The updated version of the All Secure document can be downloaded HERE



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