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03 Sep 2018

Stadium MK rejoins AEV

Stadium MK rejoins AEV



Stadium MK rejoins the Association of Event Venues (AEV) to benefit from the working groups.

Stadium MK's sales & marketing director, Andy Gibb said, “Having served on the board of the AEV I am a very strong supporter of the association and all that is has achieved in helping to develop the venue landscape since its formation 15 years ago. There is great benefit to being part of a national network of event venues at a senior level, however, the biggest benefit of all are the association's working groups. The ability of the team here at Stadium MK to observe, share best practice, and learn from their peers across the industry, is hugely valuable. It is an essential part of their personal development and for the development of the venue. We are looking forward to participating fully in all that the association has to offer.” 

Following the confirmation that the Stadium MK had rejoined the association, Rachel Parker, AEV director commented, “We are delighted to welcome Stadium MK back into membership. With every new member venue we become a stronger and more representative association. Our membership encompasses everything from the largest exhibition halls in the UK to small boutique venues and everything in between. It is our intention to be a voice for all UK venues, the return of Stadium MK into membership moves us another step closer to that aim.”



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