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15 Sep 2020

Stand as One and #LightItInRed

Stand as One and #LightItInRed


"Global Day of Action" - Wednesday 30th September 2020

A message from the LightItInRed team:

#LightItInRed are once again supporting #WeMakeEvents in their campaign to raise awareness for the dire situation currently being faced by the live events industry.

This next stage in the campaign will be known as ‘Stand as One'.

Our industry is important and contributes billions of pounds each year to the UK economy; due to COVID-19 it needs immediate help. We want our future to continue to create millions of memories with the stories to match - it's what we do best.

‘This industry creates millions of memories with millions of stories,
stories that are told and retold to friends and families around the world.'

Without significant and immediate support the entire live events sector supply chain is at risk of collapse.  Red Alert – Stand as ONE, is a campaign to raise public and media awareness in support of the live events sector which employs over circa 1,000,000 highly skilled people in the UK, all of whom have had no work since March 2020 with little likelihood of restarting until Spring 2021. 

The campaign is being run by a large and growing industry collective of trade bodies, businesses and freelancers affected by the shutdown all working together. It spans online and social messaging, video, case studies and legal outdoor events to gain media attention.

Our aim is to have significant financial support extended for the people and companies in this sector until they can return to work. We call on you to stand as one, united in our common cause to save our industry. 


We are once again asking buildings to be turned red to highlight all those affected by the ongoing situation in our industry.  If you are able to please also project the #WeMakeEvents logo and videos onto your building or structure.  All of these assets can be found in the TOOLKIT at

This Global Day of action will see our industry unite as never before, with activities throughout the day culminating in buildings turning red from 8pm - 11pm (Local Time).

The UK lit 700+ buildings, structures and homes in red on August 11th and we would like to increase this number on the September 30th.

Red has always signified ‘stand by' in theatre, we are standing by to go back to work. It now also signifies we are at RED ALERT. We Stand As ONE as we highlight the need for support if the live events industry is to survive.


If you are lighting your venue, building, van, field, or house red please make sure you register.  We want to fill our map with supporters.

Register your Building

We understand that even more of our colleagues are now without work or financial support.  If you are unable to take part in Light It In Red, please visit to find out about our regional activities, sign up to receive email updates from the campaign and download our TOOLKIT.  Here you will find different ways you can get involved with the campaign.  These include 'Tell Us You Story' as a video or written message, ‘Step Into The Light' photography brief, WRITE to your MP guidelines and also the new #WeMakeEvents logo to add to your social media profile.

We look forward to seeing your photos & videos from this Global Day of Action.




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