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05 Nov 2019

Working Groups join forces at P&JLive to review alternative power opportunities

Working Groups join forces at P&JLive to review alternative power opportunities

We are delighted to announce that the Cross Association Technology and Electrics Technical Committee Working Groups, will be holding a joint session at the newly opened venue P&J Live on Wednesday, November 6, 2019.

The groups will be holding their regularly scheduled individual meeting after coming together to specifically assess and explore the possibilities and challenges posed by emerging and existing alternative power solutions.

The visit to P&J Live will include a tour of the venue campus, followed by a visit to the venue's energy centre, which features a combined cooling heat and power (CCHP) facility that uses various technologies to provide power, heat, and cooling to the venue, including the largest hydrogen fuel cell installation in the UK. An anaerobic digestion plant that uses agricultural crops, waste products, and food waste to produce renewable biofuel for use in the CCHP will also be visited.

Amir Vered, chair of the Technology Working Group said, “I speak on behalf of the whole Working Group when I say we are truly excited to meet at the newly opened P&J Live in Aberdeen. We will be reviewing new technologies applicable to our industry as well as trying to establish a nurturing grassroots environment for the next generation. I am delighted to continue our joint collaboration with the Cross Association Technical Committee Electrics in reviewing new opportunities presented by alternative power solutions.”

Chris Morrison, chair of the Cross Association Electrics Technical Committee, added, “our working group recognises that battery power sources are an important emerging technology. We understand it requires the industry to work together in reaching the best outcome; from health & safety to logistics and long-term business sustainability.

Morrison concluded, “The nature of the event industry is to constantly evolve and keep a step ahead to reach the ultimate goal: to provide visitors with world-class experiences when attending an event. To reach this goal, the Committee will work side by side with the industry, listening to exhibitors, organisers, venues and contractors, to assess the most suitable solutions.“




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