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Sustainability & ESG: cross association sustainability commitments



The venue sustainability commitments were created to encourage sustainability to be part of our thinking in every aspect of our business.

These commitments were created to provide a clear vision allowing members to track and compare progress on the road to net zero.

The scorecards for tracking your progress are available via our member zone.


Commitment one: ENVIRONMENT

Principle one

The venue is energy efficient.

Principle two

The venue has a robust waste-management plan.

Principle three

The venue has implemented a sustainable procurement process.

Principle four

The venue offers sustainable catering.

Commitment two: EDUCATION

Principle five

The venue teams are engaged with sustainability.

Principle six

The venue includes sustainability as part of decision making.

Principle seven

The venue is engaged with stakeholders on sustainability issues.

Principle eight

The venue recognises achievements in improving sustainability.

Commitment three: COLLABORATION

Principle nine

The venue actively participates in industry initiatives.

Principle ten

The venue has initiatives in place enhancing well-being, equality, accessibility and respect for all.

Principle eleven

The venue has initiatives in place supporting the local community.

Principle twelve

The venue supports charities and not-for-profit organisations.


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