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Connectivity crib sheets and flow chart



Connectivity crib sheets


What is important when considering internet connectivity at events?

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The exhibitor and organiser connectivity crib sheets are to help an organiser and exhibitor understand the connectivity capabilities at event venues.

Created in collaboration with venue and organiser members through round table discussion exploring how venues and organisers can work closer together to dispel any myths or misconceptions regarding venue connectivity for organisers and exhibitors.

Download your guides here:

Connectivity exhibitor guide

Connectivity organiser guide

Connectivity flow chart



The cross association technology working group compiled a connectivity flow chart, led by a venue sub-committee.

" closely with the venue.."

The sub-group was formed to review the connectivity section of the eGuide, around exhibitor connectivity prior to events. The aim is to create a simple way for exhibitors to understand what they need to order for an event.

The best way to illustrate this was to create a process flow.

The flow is to guide exhibitors in the right direction, whilst keeping everything simple.

Connectivity remains on the group's agenda mirroring the advances in processes and tech. 


Connectivity flow chart 








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