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Rowan Kitching

Rowan Kitching

Venue Director , The Roundhouse

Rowan is Venue Director at The Roundhouse and an experienced venue specialist, with detailed knowledge of heritage venues, technical event delivery at expansive outdoor event spaces and exhibition centres and adept at delivering large scale global events for both London 2012 Olympics and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

A strong advocate for education in events, Rowan is passionate about shaping the next generation of event professionals and works closely with leading universities.  In her role at London's iconic music venue the Roundhouse, she supports an ambitious youth programme as a hub of inspiration.  Balancing risk with compliance, Rowan holds a keen focus on collaboration to standardise practices across the UK and is dedicated to developing teams of event specialists to streamline venue operations.

Heading up award winning teams at a variety of UK venues, Rowan champions the people behind the scenes that make it all work - turning empty spaces through design and conception into world class events.


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