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Engage and lobby



As the only body representing all venues in the UK, we provide a unified voice to engage and lobby with government and other bodies both in the UK and internationally.

"The AEV does great work to represent the voice of venues across the UK and the network is only getting bigger. The close affiliation with event organisers and the supply chain not only enhances AEV's impact but delivers real value to the membership through collaboration and knowledge sharing on critical industry topics.”


Shaun Hinds, CEO - Manchester Central

Taking direction from our members, the board and our working groups, we ensure that critical issues are brought to light and given the oxygen of publicity where necessary.

We carefully and constructively engage with the interested parties to bring about the best possible outcome.

As an industry, we create an economic impact of nearly £11 billion to the UK economy, the sixth largest in the UK. In collaboration with our sister associations, our aim is to continue developing this contribution through the development of our infrastructure, capability and people.


Working with other relevant associations and industry bodies such as the UKEVENTS, we lobby UK Government to ensure the events industry remains firmly on the agenda. We are represented by AEO chief executive, Chris Skeith, who serves on the first UK Events Industry Board (EIB). The EIB works closely with government to help identify and drive new business for the sector and for Britain.

This board reports into the Minister for Tourism (and subsequently the Inter-Ministerial Group on Tourism) and the GREAT programme board.

In addition, our working groups engage with regulators and policy setters such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and British Standards Institution (BSI) on issues such as the ever changing regulatory landscape. This proactive engagement highlights the impact of legislation or policy change to ensure the potential effects on the industry are fully considered and understood.

On more specific issues, we work closely with organisations such as the NAA (National Arenas Association), NRAG (National Rigging Advisory Group) and NACTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office).



A number of our board members represent the needs of the UK industry at an international level through UFI, the global association of the exhibition industry, and with other forward thinking organisations such as International Live Music Conference (ILMC) and International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE).

An example of how we engage and lobby

CDM appWhen announced, the Construction, Design & Management (CDM) Regulations had the potential to have a large impact on all organisations and individuals in the events industry. Working in collaboration with our sister associations, AEO and ESSA and our members, we engaged and lobbied to drive towards minimal impact from CDM regulations.

After almost four years of working closely with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), via cross-association member working groups, sector committees, one-to-one meetings and industry forums, the results were a range of resources, training and roadshows. Resources also included a CDM specific mobile and web application, all geared towards giving people and their businesses the information and tools necessary to understand and operate efficiently while complying with the new CDM regulations.


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